The following is one of my favorite images which I have posted previously long ago on this site.  The lines under the images are from a poem I wrote about 23 years ago.



Please join me in visiting the following YouTube video to enjoy the most spectacular patriotic song which has ever been sung.

Elvis Presley America the Beautiful

This video is owned by: pepefish1pepefish1



Just a reminder that,on the Boston Internet Radio site, you may still hear the Interview which Brian West did with me this evening at 5:30 PM EST.  

Also for the remainder of this week, through Thursday, you may listen to replays of his Friday March 1st show from 6:30 PM EST until 8:00 PM.  On this show, Brian plays several of Jesse’s songs and speaks about our interview briefly.

This station is a very special site which is very caring and family oriented.  Brian cares very much for children who are ill and suffering.  So, aside from his airings regarding Jesse, this is a very pleasant radio station to enjoy.

Here is the link once more:



‘The Gladiators’ Elvis Presley Memphis 1974


rareelvispresley By rareelvispresley

Elvis gives a short talk about some of the fundamentals of Karate and then demonstrates some moves and techniques. Filmed on 16, September, 1974 at the Tennessee Karate institute.
Also on this date, Elvis achieved the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt and was awarded the title “Master Of The Art”.

As you can see, the above video is on a channel owned by rareelvispresley.  This channel is on daily  If I am not mistaken, there was another YouTube channel with hundreds of fantastic Elvis videos on YouTube which was owned by Al Strada. The YouTube channel was closed down a good while back. 

You will see that there are many, many good and rare videos on this channel.  It appears that this is a relatively new channel which has added so many videos in a short time span.

Here is the link to another video which is very interesting and informative:

Also from…

Courtesy Art Nadler and Ed Koch, Las Vegas Sun

The Colonel’s Passing:

LAS VEGAS, NV – At age 87, Col. Tom Parker was still working as a consultant for an upcoming Elvis Presley movie and advising the Hilton hotel chain on entertainment when he suddenly suffered a stroke. The cigar-chomping manager who catapulted Presley to megastardom remained active until his death. His wife, Loanne, was at his bedside when he died.

“He could tell you who’s hot and who’s not,” longtime friend and former Las Vegas Hilton Publicity Director Bruce Banke said. “The colonel could tell you who’s grossing what in each city around the country.” Banke said he was besieged with phone calls from reporters in seven countries after Parker’s death. Parker was cremated and interred at Palm Cemetery on Eastern Avenue in Las Vegas.

“I handled the press when Elvis died,” Banke said of Presley’s former manager. “I never expected this response (to Parker’s death). For a manager to be held in such high esteem is a surprise. He’s as well known as Elvis.”

Elvis and Parker came to Las Vegas in 1968, Banke said. The entertainer appeared at billionaire hotelier Kirk Kerkorian’s International Hotel in 1969, which was later sold to Hilton.

“All of us here at the Las Vegas Hilton and in the Hilton Hotels Corp. family are deeply touched and saddened by the death of Col. Tom Parker,” Las Vegas Hilton President Gary Gregg said in a written statement. “For more than 25 years, the colonel was a key figure behind much of the worldwide entertainment success of the Las Vegas Hilton. …

“There, in the Hilton Showroom, Elvis entertained 2.5 million people during 837 unfortgettable live performances. Through all that time … there was the colonel, the strength behind the ‘King.'” Parker at one time maintained several suites at the Las Vegas Hilton. He moved to a private Las Vegas residence in 1985.

“The colonel was an avid reader,” Banke said, “He loved biographies. He recently gave me a book on Ann-Margret. He also loved to go out for lunch every day.” Like Elvis, Banke said Parker gave generously to his friends. Every Mother’s Day, the colonel would display a huge bouquet of flowers, signed from “Elvis and the Colonel,” at the Las Vegas Hilton entrance.

“When my father died, one of the biggest bouquets on the wall (at the funeral home) read, ‘From Elvis and the Colonel,'” Banke said. “He was a generous and caring human being. And you’d be surprised how many people would recognize him.” When not doling out entertainment advice, Parker could be seen at local casinos playing slot machines. “He loved to play slot machines,” Banke said. “He would say, ‘I’m going down to get my exercise.'”

Elvis/Jesse was friends with the Col. right up until the day of his death.  Jesse called our mutual friend to tell him that Col. Parker was dying weeks before it was even made public knowledge that Col. Parker had suffered a stroke.  Jesse wrote in his book that Col. Parker masterminded the plan for August 16, 1977 and that the Col. took the secret to his grave.

Enjoy this video channel. !! 🙂

I am not at all certain that this Facebook account belongs to the same people as the above channel, but it also has some wonderful rare tapes of Elvis’s recording sessions sharing some unreleased takes of songs.



Our good friend, Melinda, shared the following video with me on Facebook.  This is from the same site whose link I displayed above yesterday.  This is a special treat…some songs we have never heard…from recording sessions, etc.  Just beautiful and so sweet to hear him speaking.


Two people have advised me that Lee Presley is still on Facebook.  So, it looks like my efforts to rid Facebook and YouTube of he and his sidekick, Rich Gainer, were wasted after all. 

Immediately after, I approached Lee Presley and Gainer, they did scramble to disassemble some of their info on Facebook…and the links from Gainer’s YouTube account to Facebook for Lee Presley and the movie Facebook page.  So, here are the links if anyone wants to check out this person’s less-than-credible info. regarding Elvis and their supposed movie:, 

Also, here is Rich Gainer’s YouTube account for those who may have missed it when I displayed it earlier:


I have grown extremely weary of fighting to discredit all of the fly-by-night Elvis is Alive crap on the Internet.  I know that I am way out-numbered by the con-artists and those who want to promote their version of “Elvis is Alive“.  So, I have made a decision to just let all of it go by the wayside. 

To those fans who choose to follow the likes of “Jon Cotner“, the movie Elvis What If, the “Johnny Harra was Elvis”, the many on Facebook who make all sorts of claims about being Elvis and/or knowing him, and the many videos on YouTube claiming to be him, etc. 

I am through with it all.  Please do not contact me again regarding any such material.

I will state plainly that my web site is the ONLY presence on the Internet which, to my knowledge, has any direct contact with the man who was Elvis Presley and who is now Jesse.

As I have stated so many, many times.  Everyone is welcome to check out everything on my 88+ page site and then compare my information to that which you find other places.  Then make up your own mind who you choose to believe and support.

Again, please DO NOT come to me asking if so-and-so is really Elvis on these other sites, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  I have not one word from Jesse telling me that he has any other presence on the Internet.  That is the only TRUTH that I know.

Also, I receive some comments back to me regarding when Jesse and I speak and I post a small article just to let everyone know that he is all right.  Jesse and I are friends, plain and simple.  When he calls or writes to me it is simply contact between two old friends.  He seldom mentions the web site at all.  Rest assured that any time he specifically tells me something to place on the site, I will immediately do so.  However, this web site is my project (done with his approval and support)…not functioning as a conduit between him and others.  So, please don’t make comments to me regarding the fact that he has not mentioned the site during our visits.

Please understand that I NEVER ask him for anything to put on the site…other than during the confusion (last year) about the DVD/CD when I asked him to write “a note” explaining that it is his voice on the project.  He did write a two page detailed letter in response to my request.  This letter is posted on the site.

I do apologize for speaking so bluntly about the above things.  I have spent countless hours (and worry) about things that people say to me regarding the above topics.  I am trying to just stay on my site only and let the rest of the insane world go by.   Thank you for respecting my wishes.


On a lighter and more enjoyable note:


This video contains three dialogues between Elvis and his audience and also with his band during the show that he did in College Park, Maryland, on September 28, 1974.


Video made by Louis CAMPOS in Montpellier, France, November 2008.

I don’t blame him one bit for setting the record straight about the rumors spread about him.  I would have done the very same thing in his position.

More TRUTH by Elvis on stage:

Caution:  This contains strong language which is not suitable for children.  I am sure that Jesse will feel chagrined that the “F” word is on this tape.  I am offended, myself, that the owner of this compiled tape emphasized the use of the “F” word.  I apologize for including that portion on my site…but the rest of it is very important to hear from Elvis’s own mouth.



This video contains Elvis Presley’s point of view concerning the rumours telling he was strung out on heroine. Done on stage !

The three sources that I mixed up come from :
– Las Vegas, Nevada, August 30, 1974 (“F… You !”)
– Las Vegas, Nevada, September 2nd 1974 (Drug Story)
– College Park, Maryland, September 28, 1974 (“All Shook Up”).

Expanded tape of some of the above:

Notice:  I DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS TITLE…it should be titled “LIES fueled rant”.

Elvis Presley – On Stage Drug Fueled Rant

rareelvispresley By rareelvispresley


Nice interview with Lisa Marie:

Lisa Marie Presley on her father Elvis Presley and his music

TeamLisaMariePresley  Published on Dec 9, 2012


Also, here is the link to another very good interview with Lisa Marie:



I have received an Email from Brian West at Boston Internet Radio saying that his interview with me is going to air again starting tomorrow evening and continuing through Sunday.  Below are the air times  as sent to me by Brian. 

Brian West’s interview with Linda Hood Sigmon, ‘IS ELVIS ALIVE?’, DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND will replay this Thursday, 3/7 through Sunday, 3/10 at 5:30pm Eastern … 10:30pm GMT and again at 3:00am Eastern … 8:00 am GMT.  PHANTASTIC!!

Here is the link to BOSTON INTERNET RADIO:

I hope that those who missed it will be able to catch it this week.  Also, I want to thank all those who did tune in to hear it.


SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2013

I want to apologize for the time that the web site was down and unavailable this past week.  Mark, who provides my web site with server space on the Internet, had to do some maintenance to the site.  It is now back to normal.  As you will probably notice, the site moves along faster now with the new background changes.  Mark experimented with a new theme format for the appearance of the site, but decided to stick with the format with which we are all comfortable.

My thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience during this out-of-use period.


MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013

Below is the link to the web site of the movie “THE IDENTICAL” which I have known (and posted) about for quite some time. 

You may recall that I mentioned that a close friend of mine owned a tour bus which the production company rented for use in the movie and so he was on the movie set several times and met some of the cast and crew.  But they were very hush-hush about the plot of the movie…only that it was “an Elvis” movie.

I have known from the very start, from news articles, that this movie was going to parallel the life of Elvis in some manner…but I am not one bit happy with the course the plot is taking.  Of course the name of Elvis is never mentioned on the movie’s web site nor in the trailer…that I can find.  However, it is described as a “rock ‘n roll fantasy“.  The fantasy part is that there are twins born, the parents can’t afford to keep both babies, one baby is adopted by a minister and his wife, the twin which was kept by the parents goes on to be a world known singer, etc.   So, I am sure you are getting the picture… 

The “teasers” that have been given about this movie in interviews during the making of the film were that it was going to be based on Elvis’ gospel and spiritual background.  Nothing was ever mentioned in the interviews about the plot actually being a fantasy plot.

Also, Ryan Pelton was originally cast to play the part of the twins in the movie…but now I see that it is someone else playing the parts.

This plot is disrespectful to Elvis before 1977, his parents and to Jesse now…in my opinion.  I am certainly disappointed in what appears to be the finished product.

Here is the link to the web site:

You may watch the trailer to the movie at this link also.

Below are just a few links to the earlier news stories which reported that Ryan Pelton was signed to play “Elvis” in this movie:

Take note of the lines which I have emphasized in red below:

    1. A Website for People Who Just Love Movies. Home; About; Contact Us; … The Hollywood Reporter announced that The Identical will star Ryan Pelton, …… – Cached

    2. ryan pelton; November 24, 2011; By: Emilie Boyles; Subscribe; Pelton tapped to play Elvis in The Identical. Credits: . Tweet.… – Cached
      More results from »

    3. [Nov 11, 2011] STORY: Elvis Presley Movie Names Director. The Identical, a $3 million indie project from City of Peace Films, … The project will star Ryan Pelton, …… – Cached
    4. ‘The Identical,’ is set to examine this gospel-influenced side of one of the best-known performers who has ever stepped onto a stage … Is that THE Ryan Pelton?.. – Cached


  1. The Identical Movie Ryan Pelton The Official Website Ryan Pelton, Is Ryan Pelton Married, Ryan Pelton Biography, , The Identical Elvis Movie…/TheIdenticalMovieRyanPelton.html – Cached

  2. Ryan Pelton Elvis Impersonator Schedule, The Official Website Ryan Pelton, Identical Movie Trailer, The Identical Movie Ryan Pelton, Ryan Pelton Billings Montana 2012

I must add that there was another movie made several years ago by this same title…so don’t be confused by that.



I see that there is another entity formed by the name of “The Presley Assignment“.  I already see that their material is a very loosely based mixture of fact and fiction…just sayin’…

They just keep coming out of the woodwork.  As I wrote recently, I am way outnumbered by the imposters.



I have some really good news tonight.  Jesse did call earlier this evening and we had such a nice visit.  He is doing well.  He asked me to post his thanks and appreciation to those friends who have sent gifts to him recently.  He does get bored at times and things in the mail make him very happy.  His neighbor, little Nick, also said “thank you” for the things which our friends have sent to him.





Some good news…I saw on Friday that the YouTube account of Rich Gainer (Lee Presley’s partner in crime) has been shut down.  Thank goodness…no more pollution of Jesse’s beautiful song “The Dance”.  If you refer back to my prior Current News and Events Page and also scroll up above, you may see what these two were up to.  I have washed my hands of this situation and would not have become aware that he had taken his trash down had I not gone to the YouTube link above yesterday when I was making a DVD for Jesse of some of the links referenced in my news articles.  So, maybe we did play a hand in stopping his lies about Jesse’s beautiful song.  Good riddance!!!! 

Here is his former link and the current results:

Rich Gainer's YouTube of Jesse's song is gone



Below is the link to a YouTube video of Elvis performing the song Moody Blue for the first and only time on stage.  This performance took place in Charlotte, North Carolina on Feb. 21, 1977.

Elvis Presley-Moody Blue (Live Charlotte,NC February 21,1977)


BruceEllis1964Uploaded on Feb 2, 2011

Recorded live on stage in Charlotte,NC on February 21,1977. This is the only time Moody Blue was performed live by Elvis. They had made an attempted at playing it the night before, but the band didn’t know the song that well. So Elvis had promised someone in the audience that they would learn it, and play it the next night. This is a soundboard recording and the sound is amazing. It comes from the Import CD “Moody Blue & Other Great Performances” on the Fort Baxter label. The earlier release “Riot In Charlotte” was an audience recording, and the sound was not good to say the least. All picture’s in this video of Elvis are from the two show in Charlotte February 20 & 21,1977.


Below is a very good article commemorating Elvis’s very last stage performance which took place in Indianapolis at the Market Square Arena.  This article is from the and is written and narrated by Matthew Tully.  Please do take time to view and listen to the narrative about Elvis’s tie with Indianapolis.

Elvis Presley’s last stand in Indianapolis: Elvis performed his final concert in Indianapolis. The event goes largely ignored complains Indianapolis Star columnist Matt Tully.

Written by Matthew Tully

This plaque commemorates Elvis Presley's final concert at Market Square Arena in 1977.

This plaque commemorates Elvis Presley’s final concert at Market Square Arena in 1977. / Frank Espich / Star 2012 file photo

It’s great that everyone is excited about the idea of the Market Square Arena site finally being redeveloped. But as that project moves forward, perhaps we should discuss a related and woefully unappreciated side story.

I’m talking, of course, about the shocking lack of respect given to the most significant event to ever occur in the former arena: that being the final concert ever performed by Elvis Presley. (And, yes, I say that with sincere apologies to fans of the ABA-era Pacers.) History is sometimes made in unpredictable ways. For Indianapolis, this piece of music history stems from nothing more than a routine scheduling decision — one that had Elvis arriving in Indianapolis in June of 1977 to play the final concert of what would sadly become his final tour during the final weeks of his life.

Every summer, when the anniversary of the event arrives, a little noise is made. A minor event with impersonators at the City Market, perhaps, and maybe a few short stories in the local media. But that’s it; the moment in music and pop culture history has never received the attention and reverence it deserves in its own hometown. Nutty fans like me mourn.

I don’t get it. This is a town that flips out when Rob Lowe shows up to film a few sitcom scenes or when Ashley Judd runs across the Speedway in a sundress. But it ignores its unique tie to perhaps the biggest star of all time. What am I missing?

Elvis’ home in Memphis is a mecca, a pilgrimage destination for overzealous fans like me. In Nashville, the recording studio he occasionally used is now part of a Country Music Hall of Fame tour that I, of course, have forced my wife to endure. The Mississippi town where he was born attracts tens of thousands of fans each year. And while the Indy-to-Elvis connection is nowhere near as deep as it in is those places, there is something important about the connection.

Hey, I’m serious!



Here is a very good documentary about Graceland…a narrated tour.  Some of the narration is done by Jerry Schilling and Joe Esposito.

DOCU – Behind the gates of Graceland

Michel Pathuis

Michel Pathuis

Uploaded on Apr 27, 2011

Official released back in the 80’s.




Here is a not-so-often-heard song by Elvis…recorded probably in 1969.  That’s when the musical track was laid down, in January, and then he added his voice sometime after that.  I always enjoy when I come across something on the rare side.  Elvis did sometimes perform this song on stage in a medley with “Yesterday“.

Elvis Presley-Hey Jude.

antelia77 Published on Mar 14, 2013



FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

I wish everyone a most happy and blessed Easter week.

 Easter cross

Elvis Easter

Who Am I – Elvis Presley


Soundofyourcry published on YouTube

on Apr 21, 2012





FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

My best friend , M J, sent this black and white photo (below) of Elvis from 1974 for comparison to the photo of Jesse with Benjamin.  As you can see the smile is just about identical except for the eyes being more open in the 1994 photo.  I assume that an eye lift was probably part of Jesse’s plastic surgery plus the fact that he is looking up at the person who is taking the photo…thus the more open-eyed look.

M J found this photo in a 1974 issue of a newsletter titled STRICTLY ELVIS, issue #79 published in Nov. 1974.  That is Red West and Sonny West also in the photo.  This photo was taken at the Memphis Southmen’s Football opener on 7/10-1974.

Elvis in July 1974 and Jesse in 1994


Elvis in July 1974 closeup<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

Take a look at the names in this show and this article.  Ver.r.r.r.ry coincidental, isn’t it!  This show will air next Tuesday, March 26 @ 9:00 PM on the FOX network.  Looks pretty silly but may be fun to watch.

March 21, 2013 09:38 AM PDT

New Girl First Look: Jess Gets Nick ‘All Shook Up’

Michael Ausiello

The King himself pays his last respects at the funeral of Nick’s father in next Tuesday’s New Girl (9/8c, Fox), but, as you can see in the following promotional meme, there’s a twist: The role of Elvis Presley will be played by Zooey Deschanel’s Jess.

The episode’s conceit finds Jess and the gang joining Nick in his native Chicago for his dad’s burial. Nick’s mom, played by Emmy winner Margo Martindale, insists her hubby wanted a funeral fit for a (literal) king, and that’s when Jess decides to take matters into her own hands.

Check out the super-silly image below and then hit the comments with an answer to this Q: Which do you find more amusing — Jess’ pompadour hairdo or Nick’s flabbergasted reaction? Girl Season 2 Jess Elvis


SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013

The following is a rare video of Elvis’s Madison Square Garden evening show from 1972.  I just enjoyed seeing this very much and hope others will as well.

This is from the video library of on DailyMotion

I am sorry that DailyMotion videos do not function with the live video feature of this site, so I can only present the web site address.


MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013

In my daily news alerts, I just saw an article in one of the tabloids regarding a bunch of unrelated things tied together in a bundle under the title of  “elvis-is-alive-elvis-is-back-or-is-he?“.  I shall post the link to this nonsense below so that those of my regular visitors who know the whole truth may get a chuckle from this. 

footnote:  Now they have changed the title of their article to:  Elvis is alive!!! Elvis is back!!! And he has a definite political agenda…

Another reason that I am posting this information is so that no one, no where, no how can have any misconceived idea that I have any association with this article nor that I agree with it whatsoever. 

They have taken photos of an actor who portrayed Elvis in a fantasy movie, a photo of a man who had no connection to Elvis whatsoever who died a few years ago, a graphically aged photo of Elvis with President Reagan, an impersonator who performs under the name of “Ron Jesse“, plus other haphazardly thrown together lies and turned it into a “news article about a movie“.  They say that there is a free copy of the film on YouTube and “other free viewing over  other “conspiracy theory” style platforms“.

The unfortunate truth to this whole thing is that Joel Gilbert started rumors when he portrayed Elvis as living under the Federal Witness Protection Program.  Now there are poor misguided people who have taken up the cause and started a petition(s?) to get the Federal Government to allow Elvis to come forth publicly.

As Jesse himself has said and written, there is nothing authentic about the Joel Gilbert DVD except his voice.  He has no intentions nor desires to come forth whatsoever.  Nor has he ever been in the Witness Protection Program.  Jesse stated that he chose not to go into that program because he could have had no contact with anyone had he done so.

I share this to forestall anyone contacting me and asking me if this or that from this article is true.

UPDATE:  Here is the collage of unrelated images which they have displayed with their article.  As you can see, none of these images have anything to do with the real Elvis Presley.


Examiner collage of fake photos of Elvis

Those who are familiar with the images included in this collage will recognize (clockwise from the upper right corner)  Joel Gilbert’s computer aged photo from the front of the ELVIS FOUND ALIVE DVD & CD; from the DVD movie, a created photo of Elvis with President Reagan; a photo of the actor who portrayed Elvis in the fantasy movie “Lonely Street”; and a photo of a gentleman who went by the name of “The Fabulous Fonzerelli” about whom I have written on this site some time ago and who passed away in the last year or two.

As if this isn’t bad enough, they have brought the Elvis impersonator who goes by the name of Ron Jesse into the mix.  This man most assuredly IS NOT ELVIS.  He has no connection whatsoever to the DVD, the CD, nor to Jesse. 

As if it is not bad enough that Joel Gilbert turned the DVD into such a farce (which is much to the displeasure of Jesse) now the darned movie is running for free on the Internet and the fans are being taken in by the script which Gilbert wrote for the DVD.  I urge everyone (once more) to visit the page of this site on which is displayed Jesse’s own words regarding the tracking down and coercing of him into lending his voice to the DVD project.

Here is the link to that page:

UPDATE: …and just in case anyone is still thinking that Ron Jesse is Elvis…well take a good look at this:

Ron Jesse Kingtinuing


MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013

Below is one of the most accurate and beautiful videos I have ever seen about Elvis, who is now Jesse.  These quotes are taken from letters written by him to a friend in the 1970’s. 

The very first quote shown in this video so perfectly describes the man with whom I have been close friends for so many years.  He is amazingly humble, soft spoken, a man of few words, so forgiving, so gentle, so kind, so generous, on and on…

The owner of this YouTube channel is Maia Christine Nartoomid whose maiden name was Christine Hayes.  Many of you will recall that I have spoken very highly of her book which I purchased back around 1990 titled Magii From The Blue Star.  She has just published a new book titled:  Blue Star Love.  It, too, is about Elvis/Jesse.

I hasten to make it clear that Maia does not know that Elvis did not die nor that he is now Jesse.  Please do not construe my sharing of her video and the link to her new blog (from which you may get the information to purchase her latest book) to, in any way, indicate that Maia holds the knowledge or even the belief that Elvis is alive now as Jesse.

I have the word of someone in whom I have complete trust and confidence that anyone who loved Elvis will be so thrilled to read this book.  As you will see, it is about Elvis…his spiritual life; his struggles; his love for the world; etc.


Here is the link to her blog where you may read reviews of her new book and obtain the information necessary to purchase the book.  The book is available either in book form or via Kindle.

Blue Star Love ~ From an Amazing Heart of Grace

The Spiritual Life & Mystical Heritage of a Historical Icon – Elvis Presley

I have not read it yet…but I wholeheartedly endorse this book and shall be buying a copy right away.



I encourage those who have taken an interest in my earlier article above (which was in regard to the tabloid’s article regarding the movie ELVIS FOUND ALIVE on DVD) to go back to that article and take a look at several images and more info. which I have added to the original article.  My original article was posted on Monday, March 25…it is the first article for that day.



Some very sad news to share today:

Gordon Stoker, member of Jordanaires, dies at 88

The Associated Press

 </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>This undated image released by the Country Music Hall of Fame shows Elvis performing with the Jordanaires' Jordan Stoker, left, and Hoyt Hawkins. Stoker, a member of The Jordanaires vocal group that backed Elvis Presley, died Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at his home in Brentwood, Tenn., after a lengthy illness. He was 88.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>

This undated image released by the Country Music Hall of Fame shows Elvis performing with the Jordanaires’ Jordan Stoker, left, and Hoyt Hawkins. Stoker, a member of The Jordanaires vocal group that backed Elvis Presley, died Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at his home in Brentwood, Tenn., after a lengthy illness. He was 88.

Country Music Hall of Fame / AP Photo

The Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Gordon Stoker, a member of The Jordanaires vocal group that backed Elvis Presley, died Wednesday. He was 88.

His son, Alan, told The Associated Press that Stoker died at his home in Brentwood, Tenn., after a lengthy illness. Stoker, who was born in Gleason, Tenn., got his start playing the piano on WSM radio and its signature show, the Grand Ole Opry.

Alan Stoker said his father was just 15 when he started playing professionally. He joined the Jordanaires as a piano player, but then became tenor vocalist. The group was already well known for their gospel singing when Presley recruited them to perform on his recording of “Hound Dog,” in 1956.

The Jordanaires originated in Missouri and came to Nashville, where they backed Red Foley on a segment of the Opry called the “Prince Albert Show,” according to John Rumble, senior historian at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Rumble said they drew on both black and white gospel music, as well as many of the hymns Stoker knew by heart from his childhood in rural West Tennessee.

“He could play by ear,” Rumble said. “Anything he could hear on the radio, he could play it.”

The quartet soon developed a national audience after performing on the Opry and the nationally syndicated show, “Eddy Arnold Time.”

They recorded and performed for years with Elvis, who was a huge gospel fan, Rumble said. In some of the early Elvis recordings, such as “It’s Now or Never,” and “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” their vocals really stood out, he said.

The Jordanaires also performed with Patsy Cline on “Crazy,” with Jim Reeves on “Four Walls,” on George Jones’ 1980 hit “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” and on Kenny Rogers’ “Lucille.”

They were elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

Read more here:



I just wrote a message to the producer of the movie/DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE.  I requested that they do something to stop the exploitation of the DVD by a man named Lucky Carson on Youtube. 

I have discovered that this is the man behind the article about which I wrote earlier this week.  Below is my message to Joel Gilbert at Hwy 61 Entertainment.  As I wrote earlier, the manner of production of the movie and the farce which the “interview” with Elvis/Jesse was turned into was bad enough…but now to have this outsider, Carson, linking the movie to Ron Jesse, petitioning the government, etc. is adding further insult to injury.

Here is what I wrote:

is being run for FREE on YouTube by a man named Lucky Carson.

Other sites are picking it up from him and running it for FREE as well, evidently.

Here is a link to a tabloid article about your film running for FREE.

Here is the link to the YouTube channel showing your film:

These people are distorting the facts about Jesse and the films contents.

I will be sending this information along to “Jon Burrows” who is my friend Jesse.

Please do something to stop this reckless use of the film.

Linda Hood Sigmon

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!   I just returned to YouTube one more time to make sure that it was still on there and guess what…IT’S GONE.  HALLELUJAH!!!

Below is the notice which now appears.  This is just so right!!!  It was still there earlier tonight as I visited it before writing to Mr. Gilbert.  I don’t think Mr. Gilbert received my message in time for him to have stopped it as a result of my message to him tonight.

Lucky Carson publishing of DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is now gone

However, last night I private messaged a person who has/had a Facebook account under the name of “Jesse Presley” and who was displaying a link to Carson’s YouTube video.  I told that person, in no uncertain terms, who I am and made it clear to him that the showing of this movie for FREE was copyright infringement.  So, maybe that helped a little.  I have previously report those using the DVD on the Internet to Mr. Gilbert.  I ask that anyone who comes upon this type of exploitation of Jesse’s CD songs or Gilberts DVD, please take proper steps to report them.

Here is the contact information to reach Joel Gilbert at HWY 61 Entertainment:

Below is a screen capture of Lucky Carson’s video display on YouTube which I captured to save for evidence:

Lucky Carson on YouTube showing ELVIS FOUND ALIVE for free.

Also, below is the message which I sent to “Jesse Presley” last night on Facebook and his response back to me:

  • Conversation started Wednesday
  • Linda Sigmon


    You are a fake and a fraud. I have been close friends with the real Elvis, who is now Jesse for 21 years. My web site is the ONLY authorized and approved Internet presence.

    You are infringing upon the copyright of Joel Gilbert DBA Hwy 61 Ent.

    You are misleading people with your support of the petition. Elvis chose not to go into the Witness Protection Program. He has absolutely NO plans nor desires to come forth publicly.

    Please cease and desist with your fraudulent activities.

    In All truth,
    Linda Hood Sigmon
    You may read the truth on my site…much of it in his own handwriting.

    Linda Hood Sigmon Truth

  • Today
  • Jesse S Presley


    changed my name ,don’t want to mislead anyone, ty,tyvm

When I wrote him last night, I had a hunch that “Jesse Presley” was Lucky Carson or was associated with Carson.


FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013

Below is a brief article regarding the sad news that Gordon Stoker has passed away.  I enjoyed the info. in this article very much.

Jordanaires singer Gordon Stoker dies after career backing Elvis Presley

  • From: The Times
  • March 29, 20132:34PM

THE name of Gordon Stoker may be unfamiliar to all but those who pore over the fine print of record sleeves, but his smooth, attractive tenor voice was known to millions. He was a member of the Jordanaires, the vocal quartet that backed Elvis Presley on many of his best-known hits, including Don’t Be Cruel, All Shook Up, Jailhouse Rock, Can’t Help Falling in Love, It’s Now or Never, Are You Lonesome Tonight and Teddy Bear.

Stoker and the Jordanaires accompanied Presley in the studio from 1956 to 1970. Their long partnership came about on the personal insistence of the singer, who initially had to fight his reluctant producer to secure their services. It was further indication of the regard in which Presley held the group that he insisted that the Jordanaires were always named on his albums, in an era when it was highly unusual for any backing musicians to be credited. The group also appeared in several of his films and television appearances.


I recall how tickled I was to see this commercial when it was running back around the late 80’s.  My best friend M J and I were recalling this during one of our recent phone visits and so I went looking for it on YouTube and viola…there it was.  For those who were not around back during the Elvis is Alive frenzy beginning in 1988, this will give you a humorous look into how prevalent the topic really was.

Elvis Energizer Battery Commercial

Michael Rayner Published on Dec 12, 2012






In tribute to Gordon Stoker, I want to share the following YouTube video of Gordon remembering Elvis.  Beautiful interview…

Gordon Stoker remembers Elvis Presley

ajgherts2 Published on Dec 11, 2012




This is an update to the article which I posted last Thursday night regarding the showing of the DVD ELVIS FOUND ALIVE on Youtube by Lucky Carson and my Email to the producer, Mr. Joel Gilbert, asking that he take steps to stop this infringement of his copyright on this movie.

Initially, I thought that the quick deletion of Carson’s YouTube video was not the result of my Email to Mr. Gilbert because it took place so quickly after I wrote to Mr. Gilbert.  However, yesterday I found, in my Email SPAM folder, an Email from Mr. Gilbert indicating that his complaint filed with YouTube which resulted in the removal of the DVD was in response to my Email after all.  This is very gratifying to me.  I cartainly do appreciate Mr. Gilbert’s swift action to put a stop to this unauthorized and inappropriate use of the movie.

Below is Mr. Gilbert’s response to me which he wrote the very same night that I wrote to him making him aware of this flagrant disregard for the copyright of his movie.


Re: Highway 61 Contact Form: General Inquiry


3/28/2013 11:41:23 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Reply To:



Send IM to: LHSigLHSig@





Sent on:


Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thanks, I have submitted copyright claim, it should be down within 24


On 3/28/13 8:36 PM, “Linda Hood Sigmon” <LHSig@> wrote:

>A website user has submitted the Highway 61 Entertainment contact form.
>Name: Linda Hood Sigmon
>Email: LHSig@
>Subject: General Inquiry
>Your film ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is being run for FREE on YouTube by a man
>named Lucky Carson.Other sites are picking it up from him and running it
>for FREE as well evidently.Here is a link to a tabloid article about your
>film running for
>Here is the link to the YouTube channel showing your
>film: These people are distorting the facts
>about Jesse and the films contents .I will be sending this information
>along to “Jon Burrows” who is my friend Jesse. Please do something to stop
>this reckless use of the film.

Linda Hood Sigmon
>>Thank you.


THURSDAY, April 4, 2013

Below are links on which you may listen to the interview which Brian West, of Boston Internet Radio, did with me on February 28, 2013.  I want to make this available to those who were unable to tune in to the airing of the show.  Brian so kindly gave me his permission to share the audio file.

Is Elvis Alive Interview 2-28-20132 part 1

Is Elvis Alive Interview 2-28-20132 part 2